Welcome to our Majickal Life

We are Aine and Judith. We’re cottage witches. We believe in majick. We’ll tell you about being witches and majickal in short order. But first. . .

We met at a retreat in the mountains to find out that we lived in the same city, about a mile away as the raven flies. Both of us remembered the event, but life got in the way before we reconnected at the Goddess Temple of Orange County. Judith was holding a new moon circle and she invited me (Aine) to join her. We started spending more time together, and conversations about “wouldn’t it be nice if” turned into “we could do this!” 

So, we started an Etsy store (AwensCauldron). And now we’re starting this blog to tell people about this majickal life we’re living. We want you to live it, too.

We are cottage witches. You may have heard of kitchen witches, green witches, earth witches, hedge witches and so on. Your ideas about witches may be derived from Harry Potter or the Wizard of Oz. As much as we’d like to wave wands and make things move and morph, we can’t. For a cottage witch, the home is a central focus. Our homes are sacred spaces and home-keeping is a sacred act.

Since ancient times majickal peoples have seen the home as a scared space, even when they were living in caves. From their drawings we know that their dwelling places not only protected them from nature’s elements  but also from other physical dangers. Likewise, we have dedicated our homes as sacred spaces. We infuse them with beauty and serenity. Most importantly, our homes are a place where we welcome others, creating a sense of community and connectedness.

How is that majickal? We are connected to the earth and its seasons by following the wheel of the year. We gather with others to celebrate the different phases of the moon. Through ritual, we join with earth, air, fire, water, and Spirit to focus our will to be people who bring others into community. To be majickal is to live in harmony with the rhythms of the earth and stars. To be majickal is to be intentional in one’s focus, desires, and actions.  To be majickal is to be centered and grounded, knowing that you have control of yourself (although not always events).

Elemental streams of energy flow through and around our sacred spaces. Fresh air brings new ideas and thoughts, and as windows are opened the stagnant energy vanishes. The element of fire brings courage and passion as we light candles in our homes and place them on the alters sprinkled through the space.  The element of water appears as we fill sacred vessels for the Goddess, and for use in bathing, drinking and cleaning.  Mother Earth provides all our material needs such as, food, money, and shelter.  The element of spirit guides us to follow our chosen pathways–pathways that are winding and twisty at times.

We treasure the gifts of the earth, we feel the coolness of air moving even on a hot day, we treasure the fire of passion in the lives we share with our families, we know the pleasure of water sparkling in a fountain, and we tie all this together in our desire to be with Spirit in all its forms. Visit either of our homes, and you will find all the elements represented, as well as different representations of the Goddess.

While cottage witches may be found in a variety of religious or spiritual paths (including none at all), we follow a Wiccan path. For Wiccans, the highest rule of all is this: If it harms no one (which includes yourself), do as you will. Judith is a priestess of Mary Magdalene and a devotee of Brigid. Aine is a devotee of Sekhmet, still seeking her priestess path.

We balance our skills well. Judith gravitates toward kitchen and garden, while Aine is an artisan. Both of us are former teachers and continue that passion in helping other women develop and grow in their spiritual paths.

Living a majickal life is actually easy. Honor the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Collect interesting stones or other gifts of the earth as you take a walk. Dedicate a vessel for sacred water. Light candles. Feel the breeze through the windows. Honor Spirit, Divine, goddess, or god, as you choose. 

In future posts, we’ll help you understand the wheel of the year, how it’s celebrated, and what you can do to make your life majickal. We’ll tell you about different goddesses, provide spells of all kinds, and give you different delicious recipes to try. And, of course, as we grow our business, we invite you to try our products and tell us what you think.

We believe love is the most powerful force in the universe, and our desire is to help those we meet grow in love, in wisdom, and in power, so that they might transform the communities in which they reside. Join us in this journey, so that you too may grow in love, wisdom, and power.

In the meantime, merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Blessed be!

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